Full Head Clip-In Hair Extensions

Look like a celebrity with our 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch or 22 inch in length, full head, triple weft, clip-in hair extensions.  With a generous amount of hair per set it will guarantee ultra long, fuller and thicker looking hair.  100% REMY hair, tangle free and of the highest quality. 

Each set is made up of 8 pieces of hair, all triple wefted.

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Hair Piece - 18 inch

Add volume and thickness to your hair with one or more of our 18 inch Hair Piece. Get our new and improved triple weft hair extensions for more hair with less clips.

Each set is made up of; 1 piece of hair per pack; one piece of hair is 6 inches wide, has 3 clips and weighs 20 grams.
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Human Hair Streaks

Add colour to your hair with our glossy human Hair Streaks, get the Katy Perry look by adding bright blue, purple and bright pink hair streaks.  Or, add subtle highlights to your hair with our natural colours of hair streaks.

Each set is made up of; 2 strips of hair, each strip has 1 clip and is 1 inch wide.

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Clip-in Hair Options

Undercover Glamour's Hair Extension Options:


Clip-in Hair Extensions, Full Head:

With everyone longing over Kate Middleton’s luscious locks, what better way to achieve them than with our 18 inch full head hair extensions. We sell 100% REMY, triple weft hair. The 18 inch option will fall just below the back bra strap line on someone of average height.  If you already have long hair (like Kate Middleton's) the full head is great for adding lots of volume and thickness, and there is plenty of hair to add length if your hair is shorter than 18 inches as there is a 125 grams of hair per set. If you want to use the full head to make your hair longer and you want it to look really full and thick at the ends then we would suggest using more than one pack of hair. You can either buy two sets of full heads which would be 250 grams of hair which would ensure very long and thick looking hair, or you can buy the Hair Piece if you wish to add an extra 20-25 grams of hair and this will be a cheaper option than buying 2 sets of the full heads.

Our other options are 16, 20 and 22 inch in length clip-in hair extensions which is fabulous for achieving many very glamorous looks; the TOWIE cast are a fan of the 22 inch hair extensions, and Elle MacPherson wears ultra long length hair extensions on her show, Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model.  The 22 inch option will fall 4 inches below the back bra strap line on someone of average height.  If you wish to curl the hair extensions then 22 inches in length is a great option as when you add curls you loose length but with 22 inches they will still be long.



Hair Piece:

If you want to add more volume and thickness to your hair, then Undercover Glamour’s clip-in Hair Piece is an amazingly affordable option for you. The Hair Piece is 20 to 25 grams of hair, this is not enough to make your hair longer, to make your hair longer you would need 125 grams to 250 grams of hair.  The Hair Piece is great to use to make long hair thicker.   

The Hair Piece is also a really quick, short term solution for following different celebrity hair styles. You could try the dip-dyed look like Jessie J, by simply adding several sets of Bright Red Hair Pieces under your own hair to achieve a natural looking dip-dyed look.  Or, you could go for the Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga look if you are blonde by adding the Black Hair Piece under your own hair.



Hair Streaks:

The bright coloured hair streaks are great for keeping up on hair trends without a hefty price tag like the celebs and are great fun for parties and dressing up.  A look that can be easily achieved with our hair streaks is Katy Perry’s pink, purple and blue streaked party look, this can instantly be achieved by clipping in several sets of brightly coloured hair streaks to your own hair.

If you want to have a highlighted look without forking out lots of money at the hairdressers, simply add a few sets of hair streaks that are a shade lighter than your natural hair to get the same effect.