Full Head Clip-In Hair Extensions - 22 inch

Look like a celebrity with our 22 inch full head, triple weft, clip-in hair extensions.  With a 120 grams of hair per set it will guarantee ultra long, fuller and thicker looking hair.  100% REMY hair, tangle free and of the highest quality. 

Each set is made up of 8 pieces of hair, all triple wefted.

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Full Head Clip-In Hair Extensions - 18 inch

Instantly transform your look with our 18 inch full head, triple weft, clip-in hair extensions.  With a 100 grams of hair per set it will guarantee long, fuller, thicker looking hair.  100% REMY hair, tangle free and of the highest quality. 

Each set is made up of 8 pieces of hair, all triple wefted.

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Hair Piece - 18 inch

Add volume and thickness to your hair with one or more of our 18 inch Hair Piece. Get our new and improved triple weft hair extensions for more hair with less clips.

Each set is made up of; 1 piece of hair per pack; one piece of hair is 6 inches wide, has 3 clips and weighs 20 grams.
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Human Hair Streaks

Add colour to your hair with our glossy human Hair Streaks, get the Katy Perry look by adding bright blue, purple and bright pink hair streaks.  Or, add subtle highlights to your hair with our natural colours of hair streaks.

Each set is made up of; 2 strips of hair, each strip has 1 clip and is 1 inch wide.

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FAQs for Clip-in Hair Extensions
Clip-in Hair Options
Types of Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions or Synthetic Hair Extensions?

  • Human hair extensions will blend in more naturally with your own hair and last much longer.
  • Synthetic hair will look great on purchase; but once you have worn it a few times it starts to become matted and does not hang freely like your natural hair, it is a great option for creating a one off different look.
  • Human hair extensions are much more expensive than synthetic hair extensions as there is no hair donor to pay for synthetic hair.
  • There are no ethical issues concerning the use of synthetic hair extensions as the product is made from plastics and there is no hair donor to consider.

You can do the following with human hair extensions but not with synthetic hair:

  • Human hair extensions can be treated in the same way that you treat your hair.
  • You can wash clip-in extensions with shampoo and conditioners.
  • You can dye human hair extensions.
  • You can style your clip-in hair extensions with hair tongs, curlers and straightners.

Synthetic hair will not move as freely as real hair therefore looking less natural than if you were to wear human hair extensions.


What type of clip-in hair extensions do you sell?

Undercover Glamour sells Chinese human hair extensions for their silky and straight texture. Chinese hair is straight so it will not curl if your clip-in hair extensions get wet in the rain. Chinese human hair is slightly thicker than Brazilian or Indian human hair therefore, the hair is stronger and will be long lasting.  All hair extensions are Triple Wefted.  For more information about the different types of hair, please click on the above tab, next to the FAQs tab to learn more.

We sell the best quality, Chinese human hair; this is known as Remy Hair. This is the type of hair that celebrities use. 


What do you mean by Triple Wefted?

Triple Weft means that there is 3 layers (wefts) of hair sewn on one piece; so you have more hair on one piece than say single or double wefted hair extensions.  It is better to have more hair on one piece/ weft because it means the hair extensions will look thicker, resulting in needing less pieces and therefore less clips in your hair, making it easier to hide the hair extensions.

What is Remy Hair?  Why are Remy clip-in hair extensions more expensive?

Remy clip-in hair extensions are more expensive than plain human hair extensions because of the level of care in managing them and forming them into extensions. This higher level of care is why Remy Hair is more expensive. With Remy clip-in hair extensions, when the hair is cut from the hair donor the tops of the hair are kept together so the hair runs in its natural way. With other human hair extensions when the hair is cut the tops and the tips of the hair will be mixed up, this is done for ease of collection and management.

It is important to make sure the hair falls in the correct way i.e., with Remy Hair; this is because the outer layer of hair is made up of lots of cuticles and the edges of the cuticles all point down towards the tip. If the tops and tips of the hair are sown together at the top of the clip-in hair extension it will cause the cuticles to catch each other which results in tangling. Therefore, Remy clip-in hair extensions will stay straight, tangle-free and neat for much longer than plain human hair extensions.

For ease of management – Remy Hair and clip-in hair extensions are definitely best.

Where do the human hair extensions come from? Is it ethical?

All our clip-in hair extensions are sourced from China. We pay a fair price for the hair supplied and work with reputable suppliers. Beware of buying very cheap human hair extensions as you need to consider that the hair donor needs to receive a fair price for their donation, and if the price is very low it is possible that the hair donor has not even been paid for their hair.


What is the best length of clip-in hair extension?

This depends on the look you want to go for. For example if you want to go for the sexy, TOWIE look of Chloe Sims or for Lucy Mecklenburgh’s going out look, or for Elle Macpherson’s glamorous look, then choose Undercover Glamour’s 22 inch in length hair extensions. This length will fall about 4 inches below your bra strap if you are average height.

Undercover Glamour’s most popular length of clip-in hair extension is 18 inches in length. 18” will fall just below your bra line if you are of average height and this is the hair length of Kate Middleton, so it is a natural looking and manageable length.


How many clip-in hair extensions do I need to get the celebrity look?

If you have short hair and wish to make it longer to 18 inches in length a 100 grams will be enough to give you longer hair. If you want even more volume and thickness you can add to the 100 grams of hair with the hair pieces, each piece has 20 grams of hair. Or if you want ultra thick looking hair you may want to add 200 grams of hair (2 sets of full heads of hair).

If you are looking to make your hair thicker with clip-in hair extensions but not longer then you may find that 100 grams is too much hair and it maybe best for you to buy the Hair Piece (with 3 clips and one in a pack with 20 grams of hair).