(Pre-Order) Silicone Breast Forms - Teardrop Shape

Our Silicone Breast Forms will give you a beautiful and natural shape.  They are made from 100% silicone and therefore have the weight and texture of real breast tissue.  The teardrop breast gives a lovely curve to the underside of the breast and a natural shape. 

  • 100% silicone for a natural look and feel
  • Full breast shape - Breast Prosthesis, suitable for post mastectomy
  • Realistic areola colour and texture, nipple raise is 0.8cms high
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Delivered in discreet packaging
  • Available in sizes 4-8 (see our size guide below)

Please view our Prosthesis Size Guide to choose the best size for you.
For more information on the dimensions of our breast forms please see our Breast Prosthesis Weights and Measurements.
For further information on cleaning your breast forms, please see our Caring for your Breast Prosthesis page.

Please Note - This is a pre-order item only.  Delivery may take 6-8 weeks.

Price: £29.99

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If we do not have your size in stock we will be able to make them for you, so please contact us at info@undercover-glamour.com

How to Wear your Silicone Breast Forms:

  • Best to wear in a fitted Mastectomy Bra or Swimming Costume with pockets to hold the breast forms in place.
  • The teardrop breast forms can be worn in two ways, with the narrow end pointing directly upwards, or with the narrow end tucked under the arm. 
  • The teardrop breast prostheses work well for women with Bell shaped breasts, Slender, Relaxed (dropped/ older breast shapes), Teardrop breasts, and Side set breasts.

Breast Cancer Care is a breast cancer support charity that gives expert advice for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer.  Please visit www.breastcancercare.org.uk if you need information and support to face breast cancer.