#6 Natural Brunette - Clip in Hair Streaks

Add this luscious warm, natural brunette colour to your hair with our strips of glossy human hair.  Our medium brown hair streaks are perfect for adding highlights to dark brown or black hair, or for adding lowlights to a light brown or dark blonde hair.  Simply clip in for instant highlights or lowlights and add more contrast to your hair today!  The hair streaks are made with 100% real human hair and will blend naturally with your own hair.    

  • 2 hair streaks per set
  • 1 clip per hair streak; each hair streak is 1 inch wide
  • 100% human hair - silky soft and tangle free
  • 18 inches in length - can cut to your hair length
  • Brown hair streaks for instant highlights or lowlights

Save 20% when you buy 3 packs of Natural Brunette Hair Streaks.

All our hair meets high ethical standards.

Price: £12.99

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Our company director, Catherine says, "Adding brown highlights or lowlights are great for adding warmth and contrast to your hair.  If you have fine hair, like I do, adding highlights or lowlights makes your hair appear thicker.  By wearing our clip in hair streaks rather than dyeing your hair for a highlighted look, you are also adding more hair to your head which gives you thicker and fuller hair as well as benefiting from the thicker hair look that highlights and lowlights provide.  I love wearing our clip in hair streaks as I can instantly change my hair look temporarily without spending the time to dye my hair."