Beauty Promised without Surgery - Breast Enhancers to the Rescue

20th Jan 2010

Updated on 18th April, 2020 (Undercover Glamour now also provides breast prostheses and breast forms).

Herts Advertiser promotes Undercover Glamour for providing look enhancing products without the cost of surgery.  Herts Advertiser states "Undercover Glamour offers a range of non-surgical faking it products to enhance your look, including padded stick on bras, breast enhancers, breast forms, false eyelashes, clip in hair extensions and nipple covers."

Herts Advertiser interview our company director and model, Catherine Peck.  Catherine discovered breast enhancers (or chicken fillets) on her first modelling job, she wanted to lift the lid on the tricks of hte fashion industry to create a great look.  Catherine has worked with celeb stylists including Gok Wan, she says in the article that she has been lucky to have learnt great beauty tips on how to enhance your look.  Catherine says "I wanted to share these tips with other women, not only to help them love their bodies as they are but also to make the best of them when going out and for special occasions."

Herts Advertiser states "Big Boobs is Big Business!"  Since this article was published we have gone on to provide breast forms for women that have had mastectomies.  We initially just offered chicken fillets and breast enhancers when the business was launched.  We found that women were ordering our Maxi Voila! which is our full breast enhancer as a breast prosthesis while they waited for reconstruction surgery following a mastectomy.  We listened to the feedback that the full breast enhancer was not right as a prosthesis and we listened to what women were looking for, this started our breast form range. 

Our breast forms are for women that are waiting for reconstruction surgery, for women that are not able to have reconstruction, this could be due to health or age, and also for women that have chosen not to have reconstruction surgery.  The breast forms are also popular with transexuals and also crossdressers.  Since this article was published we have also expanded the breast enhancer range to offer bikini fillets and bikini and bra padding.  Please see our full range at

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