Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Survey Results 2020

30th Oct 2020

Thank you to everyone that completed our Breast Cancer Awareness survey.  We hope it helped raise your awareness and to help you spread the word of how important it is to do monthly self-checks.  If you haven't yet completed our survey and would like to, please see our Breast Cancer Awareness Survey.  If you do complete our questions, please remember to enter your email if you would like us to send you the 15% discount code.

We asked you if you knew that 2.1 million women worldwide are affected by breast cancer every year (55,000 in the UK and 331,500 women in the US are diagnosed with breast cancer every year).  61% of you said that these figures were higher than you expected, 28% of you said you knew this, and 11% of you thought that more women were affected than they are. 

See this video to learn how to check your breasts thoroughly, early detection saves lives.

Sadly, in 2018 it is estimated that 627,000 women lost their lives to breast cancer.  Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide.  Early detection and getting the best treatment are crucial to beating it.  The good news is that you can help look after yourself by eating and drinking healthily, doing regular exercise and being active, maintaining a healthy weight and by doing regular checks.  About 5% to 10% of breast cancer cases are thought to be hereditary and in this case, you can stay very vigilant.  We hope our Survey has helped show the importance of checking your breasts regularly.  61% of you said that you do check your breasts once a month or more which is great news.  39% of you said you didn't check your breasts regularly but hopefully now after completing the survey you will, or at least more often than before.

what to look for when checking your breasts for breast cancer awareness

57% of you did not realise that so many women had to undergo mastectomies in the UK, there are about 18,000 mastectomies carried out in the UK every year.  And 72% of you did not realise that approximately 100,000 mastectomies are carried out in the US every year. 

Only 26% of you that completed our survey knew that we sold breast forms to help women that have had mastectomies, 74% of you did not know that we sold breast prostheses (they are listed on our website under Breast Enhancers and Breast Forms).

Our survey also asked you to help us with your opinion on the range of breast forms we offer and how we can improve, please see the most popular choices of breast forms chosen by you at



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