East Anglian Daily Times - Inspiring Women to Feel Confident After Breast Cancer

9th Oct 2018

It is fantastic to get such great coverage of Undercover Glamour's Mastectomy Breasts with the East Anglian Daily Times.  We are currently exporting Silicone Breast Forms mostly to Europe, India, Australia and the US but now we would love to focus our attention on promoting our products within the UK and especially local areas so that we can help people in the UK to find a prosthesis that is inexpensive and a comfortable fit for them.

We have made great progress recently with promoting our Clip-in Hair Extensions in Bury St Edmunds, and really enjoy visits from our lovely customers within Suffolk.  Even though we are an e-commerce business, it is really nice to meet our customers and be able to help them in person.

While we are most commonly known for our Human Hair Extensions, Stick on Bras and Breast Prostheses, Undercover Glamour was mainly founded as an e-commerce site for beauty and fashion accessories in 2010 by Catherine Peck.  Catherine gives credit to Gok Wan for inspiring her to kick start the business.

Read the full article by the East Anglian Daily Times, HERE.

Gok Wan inspired beauty ideas for beauty business

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