Britney Spears and WAG, Alex Curran warn against teen boob jobs

18th Oct 2009

Alex Curran tells New Magazine that she regrets having a boob job when she was 18, when she took her boobs from a B cup to a D cup.  She said: “I’ve got used to them now, but if you’re thinking about it, I would advise you to wait until you’ve had children before you consider a boob job because your body changes so much after that. Also, I find with larger breasts it can be harder to find clothes to fit you - so think long and hard before you do it.” 

The Insider reports that Britney Spears had her breasts enhanced when she was also a teenager but it was later reported that she regretted this decision because her natural boobs kept on growing and eventually she had the fillers removed. If you are a teenager and you are thinking about getting a boob job please consider that your body my not have finished developing yet and your boobs may still grow by natural means. Surely the expense of surgery is going to set you back, especially when you are tied into additional surgery every five to ten years.  You need to consider that having a breast enlargement is not a one off payment.

Britney Spears pic talks about breast enlargement and breast enhancers

*** You may also lose some feeling in your nipples or they may become over sensitive. Not to mention that you will not be able to exercise for a few months, plus all the other risks that exist.  Also you do not want to regret surgery like Alex Curran and Britney Spears.  You can have temporary bigger boobs with Undercover Glamour’s chicken fillets, bikini bra enhancers and breast enhancers. These silicone breasts go between your breast and your bra so there is no risk to your body and you will save over £3,000!  You can also choose when and where you have your bigger boobs, as it is definitely much easier to have smaller breasts if you enjoy running and exercising.  Our bikini bra enhancers are also a great solution to helping you feel more confident while wearing a bikini.

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