Britney's Back and Stronger than Yesterday

24th Oct 2016

After 3 years in Vegas, Britney has come back to the top of her game, and is giving us a brand new album, called Glory.

Here at we were very excited when celeb stylist Sophie L Dearden from Marie Claire UK called our office and asked, "Please can you help us with stick on bras and fashion solutions for Britney Spears as I have selected a number of sheer outfits for her to wear at the photoshoot.  And we need them for tomorrow as we are flying to LA tomorrow lunchtime."
Err, yes please.  As a longterm Britney fan, I was super excited to help.  And with photography by top fashion photographer, David Roemer and stylists Jayne Pickering and Sophie Dearden, who wouldn't want to take advantage of such a great opportunity.

So we packed a goodie bag full of Undercover Glamour products for LA with excited smiles on our faces, hoping that Britney would in fact see our products and brand name, and then hoped we would get a mention in the article which was written by Louise Gannon and edited by the Marie Claire editor, Trish Halpin.  So here are some of the pictures from Marie Claire; we love this shot of Britney looking super hot in a Victoria Secrets body. Our Undercover Glamour, nude, silicone stick on bras are perfect for a top like this on a photoshoot as it prevents you from having to reveal anything, and they are definitely a great idea for every model and actress to have in their kit bag as then it allows you to wear any dress or top without having to be on show.

Britney Spears stick on bra

Below, Britney wearing the gorgeous Burberry jacket that stylist Sophie Dearden chose to style her for the Cover Shoot. 

Maire Claire Britiney Spears cover


Marie Claire Britney Spears articleBritney Spears Marie Claire article

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