Catherine Peck, our company founder is interviewed about her modelling career and Undercover Glamour

25th Aug 2011

Catherine discusses in this September 2011 issue of Body Fit Magazine how modelling helps her keep on top of the trends and provides ideas for Undercover Glamour. 

Catherine Peck Body Fit Magazine career tips

Undercover Glamour provides products to help women feel confident with their look.  Catherine wanted to bring all the products that she uses in the modelling trade to customers worldwide and therefore launched beauty business Undercover Glamour in 2009.  When modelling Catherine wears clip in hair extensions to make her hair fuller, she wears silicone stick on bras when modelling swimwear so she doesn't have to worry about nipple poke through!  She wears the chicken fillets/ breast enhancers on lingerie shoots and the stick on bras when she is unable to wear a normal bra with dresses and tops.  Undercover Glamour is about bringing all these trade secrets to you, under one roof. 

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