Our Brand New Quad Weft Hair Extensions.

1st Aug 2016

We mentioned before back in May that we were so grateful for the feedback we received about our hair extensions, that we decided to up our game with thicker, softer and better quality hair.  Well, now they are here.  We are so pleased to announce the arrival of our best hair extensions yet, the DELUXE Hair Extensions.

Available in a variety of colours, from Barbie Blonde, to Natural Black, you can now have the same great colours as before with almost DOUBLE the hair.

While our Triple Weft Hair Extensions are perfect for every day wear, whether it’s for a trip to the shop, or keeping up appearances at work, but when it comes to partying with your friends, or that big Christmas Party, you just need that little bit more.

Our Deluxe Hair Extensions are Quadruple weft.  This means that 4 layers of hair are sewn together to create each hair piece, giving you loads more hair than our Triple Weft Hair Extensions.
As with our Triple Weft Extensions, our new Deluxe Extensions are also 100% Remy Human Hair and Double Drawn giving you the most natural, soft and beautiful Hair Extensions you have ever had.

You can find our entire range of hair extensions on our website… And don’t forget to use our discount code UG10 for 10% off your order.

Happy Shopping x

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