How to remove Facial Hair - the nightmare problem that so many Women experience.

1st Mar 2016

We’ve all had our share of hair removal mishaps, fast growing stubble, ripping off our skin with wax or burning it with bleach.  Why do we spend so much money on hair removal when it is ineffective and it hurts so much?  Thank goodness for the Tweezy.  Our Tweezy testers were all stunned at how easy and quick it was to remove their unwanted facial hair, and now we are so happy to be able to share the Tweezy with you.  Still unsure?  Here’s more information on how to use the Tweezy, and our Tweezy FAQ.

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Tweezy FAQ

Why should I choose Tweezy?

  • Tweezy is one of the cheapest hair removal options, and it lasts, we also have our version of the facial hair Epilator Stick.

  • Using Tweezy regularly can promote slower and finer hair regrowth, meaning longer periods between use.

  • No use of harsh chemicals such as wax or bleach, so it is much kinder to your skin, and the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin.

  •  It is small, portable and fits perfectly into your make up bag.  You can use this in the comfort of your own home, or out and about.

  • There is no need to visit a beauty salon, saving you time and a lot of money.

How Does It Work?

Tweezy works via a simple bend and twist movement against the facial hair. It effortlessly removes multiple hairs from the root, like the popular method of threading, without chemical or heat damage to the skin.  Watch this great video tutorial to see how easy it is to use,

Easy Tweezy Instructions:

  1. Hold each end of the rubber grips and bend Tweezy into an upturned “U” shape.

  2. Place the bar against your skin.

  3. Twist and roll the rubber grips between your fingers, inwards and outwards, to gently remove hair from roots.

  4. Continue until hair is removed, ensuring the Tweezy moves against the direction of hair growth.

  5. Enjoy hairless smooth skin.

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Tweezy Tips:

  • Keep the upturned “U” shape steady and constantly touching the skin, rolling against the direction of hair growth.

  • Keep skin as taut as possible, particularly on the upper and lower lip for Tweezy to work at its best.

  • Continued use can encourage hair regrowth that is finer and less noticeable.

Does It Hurt?

A little.  You are removing hair from the root so you will feel it, however, it is a lot less painful than waxing, and faster than plucking.  The more you use the product, the less it hurts, as the next time your hair grows back it will be weaker.

Will I Get Ingrown Hairs?

If you use the Tweezy correctly, then no, you should not get any ingrown hairs.  To help prevent ingrown hairs it is recommended to use a good exfoliator as part of your normal skin care regime.

How Often Will I Need To Replace My Tweezy?

Depending on how often you use your Tweezy, you may need to replace it every 6-9 months.  If you take care of it and keep it clean, it should last longer.

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