Festival Hair Ideas - 5 different looks!

20th Apr 2019

Easy and quick hair styles for festivals

1.  The bohemian, sun-kissed, natural wave hair look for festivals.

Add a beautiful wave to your own hair to get the casual festival look.  You can't really go wrong with this effortless look.  We have some beautiful sets of balayage clip in hair extensions to give your hair the sun-kissed look, see our Classic range to see the most extensive colour range.  If you would love to have fuller hair like our model below, or longer hair for your festival look, you can do so by simply adding our balayaged clip in human hair extensions.  You can also easily accessorise this hair look by adding pretty flower hair clips. 

The advantage of having human hair, clip in hair extensions is that you can curl them prior to the festival and they will hold the wave.  A good tip is that at night when you take them out you can plait the extensions and then fold them in half and put a hair band around them as I find this keeps a nice natural wave to them.  Your hair extensions will also stay looking lovely and fresh as the hair will stay silky soft as it does not produce any oils like your own hair will over the festival period.

beautiful wavy sunkissed hair look for festivals

Alex Weaver (pic above and below) is wearing our gorgeous Classic range human hair extensions in colour no.6/18 in 20 inches in length.  We have this colour available in 12 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches and 24 inches in length.

2.  Messy plait with glitter for the perfect festival look.

We love the sparkly glitter look for summer festivals.  To get this look on our model we used In Your Dreams' glitter, we love it, especially the glitter with stars in it.  Our model, Alex Weaver actually has shoulder length hair so to get this look we used our clip in hair extensions to make the plait longer and to get the lovely thick plait look.

messy plait look with glitter for festival hair ideas

3.  Messy french plait with flowers for the pretty festival look.

Festivals are the perfect excuse to be able to wear flowers in your hair.  Our model, Isabelle Allan (below) is wearing real flowers for one of our hair extensions photoshoots, but if your festival is for more than a few days you can wear pretty little flower clips instead.  Isabelle is wearing our 22 inch in length clip in hair extensions to help give the french plait its lovely full and thick look.  The hair colour in the picture below is one of our most popular colours as it is our 3 colour blonde mix.  Plaits are a great idea for festivals as it keeps your hair out of the way, and people are less likely to notice if it looks a little greasy by day 3 if you do not have access to showers!  This is why human hair clip in hair extensions are so great for festivals if you are not blessed with natural thick hair as the human hair extensions do not produce any oil so they will stay looking lovely and silky for the whole festival period. 

Messy french plait with flowers for the festival hair look


4.  Add colourful hair streaks to your hair for the festival look.

By adding our clip in hair strips you can instantly add beautiful colours to your hair.  Save time with hair streaks.  You can just clip in the human hair strips and instantly have say pink hair, or blue hair just like our model, Lauryn Goodman below.  No need to waste time dying your hair!  The major advantage of having the clip in hair extension colours is that you can instantly change your look over the festival period, for example one day you could wear the Blue Clip in Hair Pieces, then the next day the Pale Pink Clip in Hair Pieces, then the next day the Purple ones.  Our clip in hair pieces/ streaks also look really pretty when the hair is plaited. 

Lauryn Goodman (pic below) is wearing our full head of clip in human hair extensions in Golden Blonde, in 18 inches in length with our Rose Pink clip in hair streaks.

clip in hair extensions pink hair Lauryn Goodman

Clip in Hair Extensions Colours

5.  Upgrade your hair - have longer, thicker and fuller looking hair.

If you want to give your hair a lift for the festivals and have amazing glossy hair than this can instantly be achieved with clip in hair extensions.  No need to mess around, you can literally just clip in and go!  Our clip in hair extensions and hair pieces are all 100% human hair which is perfect to use for festivals as they will not tangle like they would if you used synthetic hair, and the hair will blend really well with your own hair.  You can also use them to create thicker looking ponytails and plaits.


Photo Credits:

Photographer, Sarah Louise Johnson
Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Sian Duke - www.sianduke.com
Hair Stylist and Makeup, Holly Edwards - www.hollyedwardsmakeup.com
Models, Lauryn Goodman, Alex Weaver
Glitter - In Your Dreams
Hair Extensions - Undercover Glamour
Eyelashes - by Eylure, from Undercover Glamour

clip in hair extensions with blue hair strips

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