Help, My Wedding Dress Is Too Big!

1st Sep 2016

It can be very stressful planning a wedding, so much in fact, you can lose weight!  Sounds great, right?  Well, not if you’re wedding dress is now too big.

Don’t fret.  We’re here to give you tips to fill out your dress again.


The week before your wedding, you try on your dress one last time before the big day.  Unfortunately, you’ve lost more weight than you planned, and now it’s too loose.  It wouldn’t be such a problem, if the dressmaker could alter it again, but there may not be time for another dress fitting, or you may not want to spend another wad of cash on alterations.

Here are a few ways you can help your dress fit perfectly again (while giving you a figure to die for).


Undercover Glamour’s Padded Bra’s.

It’s one thing losing weight, but when it drops of the wrong places, it can make your clothing too loose and unflattering.  Our padded bras can fill out your top, and prevent the clothes being baggy around your chest.  We have several options to choose from, such as our wedding bra, a beautiful white stick on bra with a stunning lace design.

Here is beautiful Beki wearing our Padded Party Bra, which is almost invisible under her stunning gown, and gives her bust a boost giving her an amazing figure.

Bride wearing our Wedding Stick on Bra

Undercover Glamour’s Bottom Enhancers.

If you have a tight fitting dress, but you’ve lost your curvy bottom, then why not try our Bottom Enhancers.  Adding extra padding around your bottom to give you curves to die for.

Lost weight off your bum but not your tum?  Our High Waisted Bottom Enhancers give you a bigger bottom, while pulling in your stomach.


Undercover Glamour’s Breast Enhancers.

While stick on bras are a great accessory for strapless and backless dresses, sometimes you just don’t need them.  Maybe your perfect bra has straps, but unfortunately, you have lost the weight from your bust and they no longer fill the cups.  Our solution comes in a variety of sizes.
We sell breast enhancers in both silicone and foam, and in sizes that can give you a boost anything from half a cup size bigger to 2 cup sizes bigger.

Undercover Glamour's chicken fillets

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