Helly Hansen Sportswear, Catherin Peck in fitness Studio

Helly Hansen This Is My Style with Barre Toned in Nottinghill
Fitness Studio

16th Feb 2015

Suggestions for how to get a lovely, toned, lean body ready for the summer while working out in style.

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Model Bryony Morganna wearing hair extensions

Our Brand New Addition to the Undercover Glamour Hair Extensions Family

12th Jan 2015

We would like to welcome to the Undercover Glamour family - Our new range of triple weft, 100% Remy, clip-in hair extensions in both 16 and 20 inches.

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Bryony Morganna Pin Party Wig

Brand New at Undercover Glamour - Party Wigs

1st Dec 2014

We are so happy to announce that we have finally received our new Party Wig selection which are now for sale on our website.

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Blonde and black Hair Extensions, false eyelashes

Make the Most of Yourself with Undercover Glamour

14th Oct 2014

Our operations manager shares her beauty tips, and her favourite Undercover Glamour products…

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Eylure models with eylure's eye pencil

Eyebrow Shaping - The Basics

15th Sep 2014

Eyebrows are a small, but extremely important part of your face. That’s why grooming them is the most difficult part of your beauty regime. If you get it right, your eyebrows will compliment your face and give your eyes a stunning definition.

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Catherine Peck with Human Hair Extensions Delivery

What is Double Drawn Hair? What is Remy Hair? Understanding the Terms Used for Hair Extensions.

17th Aug 2014

There are so many different types of human hair extensions on the market at the moment that it is often hard to choose between them. Should I get double weft or triple weft? Remy or non-Remy hair or Virgin hair? Or, double-drawn hair?

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Adele and Jamie Roche Wedding

Models, Adele and Jamie Roche's Summer Wedding

30th Jun 2014

Stunning, model Adele ties the knot on the 27th June, 2014 with model, Jamie Roche.

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Human Hair Extensions samples

Our New double drawn, Clip in Hair Extensions

14th Apr 2014

We are constantly improving our range of clip in hair extensions, and making sure they are all double drawn. Read more for the developments.

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Undercover Glamour Staff, Princess, Leopard print

Hair Extensions colour matching service now in Bury St Edmunds! New Office Move and New Starter

1st Mar 2014

We finally settled in to our new office in the Menta Business Centre in Bury St Edmunds. We made the move in November, 2013 and we are now available to see customers for our hair extensions colour matching service.

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Natasha, Underwear Model wears Chicken Fillets and a Stick on Bra

Do you know your bra sizes? Do men understand bra sizes?

12th Feb 2014

Many men think that a bigger cup size means a big looking bust on a woman i.e., you sometimes over hear male banter saying things like, "I like a D cup" or "I like a C cup"! What they should be saying is "I like a 34C", or "I like a 32D," for example.

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