Lockdown Hair

20th May 2020

How are you coping with your hair in lockdown?

I personally have managed well in lockdown as I have very little hair (as you can see from the before picture below) so it has been easy to trim.  I luckily have a big choice of clip in hair extensions to solve my thin hair problems.  To glam up for work, video meetings and social media I have simply clipped some of my hair extensions in to upgrade my hair.  I have realised in lockdown how perfect clip in hair extensions are to solve the look of split ends.  You can see the difference my Undercover Glamour clip in hair extensions make in the pictures below.  I am wearing Caramel Mocha Blend in our Deluxe range, colour no.2/6.  We have a huge range of colours, and even have short hair extensions available in 12 inches in length through to really long extensions in 24 inches in length, so there is a colour and a length to suit everyone.

 Lockdown hair split ends      Lockdown hair with clip in hair extensions

We have seen an increase in sales for the clip in hair extensions through lockdown which is great, and helps balance out the loss of stick on bra sales.  The increase in demand for clip in hair has been partly due to the extensions helping solve the problem for many who usually rely on their tape in extensions, or fixed extensions via micro loops or nano rings.  As you can see from my two pictures above, both show my lockdown hair look, you can see how the clip in hair extensions have really hidden the fact that I really need to sort my split ends out and take a trip to the hairdressers.

Hairstylist and bridal makeup artist, Kathryn, owner of Doll Creative says "she has been inundated with all her clients desperate to secure an appointment as soon as lockdown eases and as soon as she is able to style people's hair again.  Normally Kathryn would be flat out maintaining her customers hair extensions for them, but through lockdown she has been busy advising them how to remove them by themselves.  Kathryn is experienced with tape ins and mirco loops, she can also style your hair and clip in hair extensions for you for special occasions (when the weddings and events can resume).  Kathryn is a Suffolk based hairstylist and bridal makeup artist.  It seems that hairdressers are as keen to go back to their trade as much as their clients are to see them.

If you have had to remove your fixed in hair extensions i.e., micro loops or nano rings and are still waiting to have more put in, a good temporary option for you is clip in hair extensions.  I really do love clip in hair extensions and that is one of the main reasons I started Undercover Glamour, as well as providing must-have fashion and beauty accessories for those in the modelling industry and confidence boosting shapewear for men and women alike.  I have been wearing clip in hair extensions for over 16 years and providing clip in hair extensions since 2009.  You can see our colour range of clip in hair extensions in the video below, and our range of options at www.undercover-glamour.com/hair-extensions/clip-in

I love clip in hair extensions for being able to change your look instantly, for example I can wear different colours and different lengths.  Sometimes it is great to have really thick and long hair to feel glam, and other times it is easier to manage shorter and finer hair.  Having permanent hair extensions doesn't work well for me as I take part in many sports like swimming and trampolining, and I also work as a stunt performer (If you have tried swimming or doing backflips in permanent hair extensions before, you'll know what I mean...  It completely throws off your centre of gravity) so having the option to wear clip ins just for a day and to remove them when I don't need them is absolutely perfect for me.

clip in hair extensions

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