New Year, New Goals

8th Jan 2020

Thank you for all of your support last year.  We are feeling really motivated for 2020 and have lots of positive goals we wish to achieve to improve our service and product range for you. 

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Improvements

We have made big and positive improvements with our packaging.  We no longer pack the stick on bras, breast enhancers and nipple covers in plastic packaging.  I am really sorry for doing this in the past as I think of the negative environmental impact I made when there was never a need to do so.  I just, like a lot of other people just didn't really think about it.  In the past our focus was on protecting products and customers attitudes were that plastic packaging was good and a really hygienic way to pack goods.

A few years ago Beth and I decided that we will just stop the plastic!  It was actually surprisingly easy.  Initially a few customers complained about the stick on bras not being in plastic cases inside our branded, card boxes.  Now, our attitudes have adapted and everyone seems to like that we send our items in reduced packaging.  

We now just send the stick on bras in our Undercover Glamour branded, recyclable boxes, as our model, Alex Weaver is showing below. 

Undercover Glamour's Stick on Bra Packaging

The silicone stick on bras and the silicone bra cups are now sent in the box style as shown in the picture above.  This way we no longer need to use the plastic cases that they used to be shipped in.  We also used to send the breast enhancers, bikini bra pads and chicken fillets in plastic cases and now we are shipping them in pretty pink organza bags so you can store your product in these for life.

Please note, some of our items may still arrive with plastic packaging.  This is because some of our items are still in the original packaging, such as our silicone stick on bras, and we are using this up first.  All our new packaging is plastic free or greatly reduced.

We are aiming for all our packaging to be 100% recyclable by 2021.


New Products Goals

I have always had a personal passion to provide the best products for you as they are also all products that I use for my modelling and stunt work, along with always wearing hair extensions when I go out to weddings, special occasions, events and parties.  I want to wear the highest quality of hair extensions so therefore, I make them and then they are available to everyone.

Breast Forms

Over the last year our breast forms have sold really well, both to women that have had mastectomies and also to cross-dressers.  After fitting a number of women this has given me a really good insight into what our customers want and need.  Feeling sympathy for people's stories and hearing their strength I am committed to do my part and provide more choice in terms of sizes, colour, style and price.  Please expect to see more breast form options going forward.

Lingerie Accessories

We are expanding our range of lingerie accessories, including new breast lift products and more choice of nipple covers.

Bridal Stick on Bras

Due to popular demand for our Wedding Stick on Bras and padded Stick on Bra options we are focusing on expanding the Bridal range this year.  We also hope to offer bigger cup sizes in the Bridal Bras.

We are also launching the Moon Cup which is an exciting new environmentally friendly product.

Wedding Focus for 2020

We love helping brides on their special day to feel and look their best.  Our clip in hair extensions are really popular with brides due to being able to create a completely different and stunning hair look instantly for their special day.  We are extending our reach to brides by providing hair extension colour rings to hairdressers and in particular wedding hair stylists.  Providing the colour rings then helps the hairdressers choose the right extension colour for their client.  We are also committed to increasing our colour range in the Deluxe Hair Extensions, as shown in the picture below.

Pretty wedding hair style with a boho look, fishtail braid


Product Information Improvements

This year one of our goals is to provide more product details for you and more information to help you make the most informed choice possible.   We have created International Stick on Bra Size Guides, covering Australian, United States, French, UK and International Bra Sizes to help you get the right stick on bra first time.  We have also created International Breast Form Size Guides as well.  Last year we created our hair extensions colour videos to help our worldwide customers feel more confident in choosing the right hair colour.  Please see our hair extensions colour video below.

These improvements were made possible via our export grant from the Department of International Trade.  This year our goals are to review all of our website content and add useful advice and information where we can.  Please let us know if you spot and mistakes on the website or have any suggestions, as this is so helpful, you can email me at


Beth and I (pic below) would like to thank all of you that have participated in our questionnaires as this has really helped us and encouraged us to continually make improvements.  And thank you for your continued support.

The team at Undercover Glamour - Beth and Catherine

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