Nipple Covers for Runners - Stop Nipple Chafing!

30th Nov 2010

Anyone that runs long distance will understand the discomfort of "nipple chafing."   Once you reach a certain distance and especially if you are perspiring a lot you will start to feel the uncomfortable chafe.  Marathon runners have even been seen with bleeding nipples - ouch!  Sometimes a new top or bra can also cause irritation.  You definitely want to avoid any nipple chafe as it will quickly take away any enjoyment from running, you can simply do this with our silicone nipple covers.

Our company founder, Catherine Peck (on the Running Fitness covers below) loves running, and has taken part in Spartan Races (obstacle races), adventure races, 5 km, 10 km and 10 mile cross country races.  She recently took part in the 2nd Salomon Turbo X Pure Filth race in Bordon, Hampshire, a 10 mile cross country race.  Catherine wears our silicone nipple covers for her races so she does not have to worry about any discomfort.

Running Fitness Cover with Catherine Peck             Running Fitness Magazine Cover with Catherine Peck      

While running the recent Pure Filth Race, Catherine wore her Undercover Glamour silicone nipple covers so she could run in comfort for the whole 10 miles.

The 10 mile Pure Filth Race saw another 850 runners take part and the race is put on by sports brand, Salomon.  Salomon describes their race as "10 miles of the gnarliest mix of mud, sweat and trail to satisfy the most hardcore of off road desire! The infamous natural assault course of water, sand, marsh and muck has a hidden twist, The X ZONE; a 1- 2 mile section of the craziest terrain to push your stamina, agility and perseverance to the limit!  You'll wade through watery wildness, clamber through mud, sand and bog, charging your way through the roughest off road track you can imagine!"  

Catherine is pleased to say that the circle nipple covers stayed in place throughout the 10 miles and withstood the sweat, water and mud!  Catherine also claimed that her kit was as much to thank as she had the latest Salomon tech gear to keep her muscles warm, so thanks to Salomon for that.

As a runner, Catherine recommends investing in some nipple covers for long runs to prevent any risk of experiencing nipple chafing and discomfort which can take the enjoyment away from a race or training.  The silicone nipple covers will also prevent the risk of any nipple poke through when you are freezing cold, as this is never a good look.

black silicone nipple covers         model wearing petal nipple covers

We have a great range of nipple covers for runners, Catherine personally recommends the silicone nipple covers for running (these are reusable).  We have black silicone nipple covers, tan nipple covers and nude nipple covers available, see the range at


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