Nipple Covers for Sports - Prevent Nipple Poke Through!

22nd Jun 2011

Updated on 16th April, 2020 (mention of tan and black nipple covers as we now also make these, see

How do you feel about nipples on show through sports tops?

A focus at Wimbledon this year was Serena Williams' nipples protruding through her tennis top!   Serena got almost as much media attention for her protruding nipples as she did for her her actual Wimbledon successes.  This is the problem with nipple poke through, you get unwanted attention and lets face it, it is not a good look.  Nipple poke through makes most people feel uncomfortable.  As much as we enjoy watching Wimbledon on a hot summer’s day we do not really want to see peeping nipples!

Catherine Peck tennis shot, model

I personally do not like it (in pic above), from seeing older women at my tennis club with nipples poking through their tennis tops to friend's grandmas greeting me with their nipples protruding through their tops it just makes me feel really uncomfortable, it doesn't feel appropriate.  From running Undercover Glamour and speaking with our customers I have learnt that when you get older your nipples feel harder (as customers have told me!) so maybe this is why you notice the issue of nipple poke through more with older women.  I asked a few friends (men and women) what they thought about nipple poke through with sports tops and I didn't get any positive responses.

So, what can you do to prevent this?

I personally always wear a padded bra or sports bra when playing sports and for fitness and running so I don't have to worry, even with my swimming costumes I prefer to have some support/ padding over the bust area so I don't have to worry about my nipples poking through for everyone to see.  I wear our silicone nipple covers when running long distances and especially for long distance races as they are so comfortable and prevent any nipple chafing that I find starts to happen after running more than 10km. 

We provide black nipple covers, tan and nude nipple covers.  Our nipple covers are an affordable solution to concealing your nipples and are available in petal and circle shapes.  You can see our satin, petal nipple covers on our model below.

Model wearing satin petal nipple coversModel wearing petal nipple covers for Undercover Glamour

Our nipple covers are super soft and really comfortable.  We have a great range of options for you, see

With our nipple covers you can now enjoy playing sports, including tennis without having to make others feel uncomfortable and including yourself.  Our silicone nipple covers, as show in the picture below are also perfect to wear with swimming costumes if your swimsuit does not have padding over your bust area (our circle silicone nipple covers are available in tan, black and nude).

silicone black nipple covers

As mentioned I use all our products and find the silicone nipple covers to be my preferred option for long distance running.  The tennis pics I have included are from a photoshoot I did with Pali Rao, if you would like to see more, please see

Catherine Peck playing tennis with the British Stunt Register

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