Our company director, Catherine Peck shares her tips on how to prepare for a fitness fashion shoot

6th Jan 2011

Updated May, 2011 (Magazine pictures shared from the shoot, with Catherine Peck our Company Founder).

Fitness for Women Magazine Cover with model and stunt women Catherine Peck            Sports model and stunt women Catherine Peck fitness fashion

Our company director, Catherine Peck is passionate about sports and fitness.  As well as owning Undercover Glamour she also works as a model and now also as a stunt woman.  She loves being involved with the fitness shoots and motivating women to stay fit and active.  Catherine wanted to share what she does to prepare for photoshoots as she has had lots of people ask her.  Catherine shot for 'Fitness for Women' magazine for the April, 2011 issue, as in the pictures shown.  Catherine also regularly features in Health and Fitness Magazine, Body Fit Magazine, Running Fitness Magazine and Women's Fitness Magazine.

Catherine shares her tips on how to prepare for a fitness fashion shoot

1.  Do a hard workout the night before.  You won't change your body over night but you can make yourself feel 100 times more confident by doing a hard run or workout the night before your big event or photoshoot.  You will wake up the next day feeling more toned and have a more positive outlook on yourself.  If you are modelling it is a given that you should be eating well and drinking lots of water as part of your lifestyle.

2.  Get a tan if you are pale.  If you are pale skinned like me, having a tan makes you look healthy and also makes me feel confident.   I am a fan of spray tans as they can transform your pale winter skin over night making you look and feel like you have just had a 2 week holiday in the sun.  Fake tan is the fast and safe way to looking wonderful.  I find spray tans are the best way to achieve an all-over, even tan, and definitely a safer option than applying tan yourself!

3.  Have the right accessories with you.   It is a great idea to have a kit bag with you for modelling jobs.  You should always have nude seamless underwear, including a nude thong.  You can't turn up with black pants and then you have to model white gym pants!   Stick on bras are also a great idea and very practical on shoots as they work with all outfits as the bras have no backs or straps.  The padded stick on bras are great as you can wear them under a swimsuit or gym crop tops to help give you a bit more padding to your chest as well as stopping the risk of any nipple poke through.  If you are happy not wearing a bra and don't need to wear one you should have some nipple covers in your kit bag, again to prevent any unwanted nipple poke through while shooting.  Always take your makeup bag incase the makeup artist fails to turn up.  It is always a good idea to take nail polish remover in case your nails or toe nails are a colour that the shoot director does not want.  And lastly, I always take breast enhancers to help fill out any bras or tops if needed.

4.  Have 2nd day washed hair.   The hair stylists always prefer for you to have 2nd day hair as it makes their job much easier for styling.  Washing your hair in the morning means you are more likely to have an issue with fly away hair, so it is recommended to wash your hair the day before.  If you have thin or short hair it is a good idea to take clip in hair extensions with you on shoots so the hair stylist has the option to make your hair look thicker or to help give it more volume.  If you are doing your own hair, remember to take hair spray, hair grips, a hair band, and a comb and this way you can tame any fly away hair.

5.  Take a dressing gown!  It is usually cold in UK studios or on location, so be prepared and take a thick, warm dressing gown that you can easily throw on and take off in between shots and makeup, also remember a big thick long coat if it is winter.  Always take nice warm clothes for after, incase you have got a bit of a chill.

Catherine Peck fitness model for Women's Fitness Magazine            Catherine Peck Swimmer for Fitness Magazine

Catherine Peck wears Undercover Glamour's clip in hair extensions and padded stick on bra in the pictures shown, for Women's Fitness Magazine.

Catherine Peck yoga poses for Women's Fitness Magazine

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