Our Company Director, Catherine Peck takes part in the Killarney Adventure Race 2012, 25km in Ireland for Body Fit Magazine

6th Oct 2012

Our company director, Catherine Peck, along with her partner David took part in the yearly Killarney Adventure Race in October and she shared her experience with Body Fit Magazine, as you can see in the article below.  Killarney in Ireland is famous for its most beautiful lakes and it was the most stunning location to take part in an adventure race.

The Killarney Adventure Race has a 25km option for the beginner, first time adventure racer or for those that prefer competing over shorter distances, or a more challenging 57km option and then the insane option for the ultra fit of 67km.  You also have the option to compete as an individual, team, or as a relay.  Catherine and David took part in the 25km race as individuals and she shares her experience with us, on her first adventure race.  This year's Killarney Race was sponsored by Helly Hansen and Catherine is wearing their kit in the pictures below.

Lakes of Killarney

What is an Adventure Race?
Adventure racing is a combination of two or more endurance disciplines, including navigation, cross-country running, cycling, paddling, climbing and related rope skills. An expedition event can span for ten days or more while sprints can be completed in a matter of hours. There is typically no suspension of the clock during races, irrespective of length; elapsed competition time runs concurrently with real time, and competitors must choose if or when to rest.

Catherine's Take on the Race:

Catherine Peck running the Killarney Race
As mentioned, we took part in the sprint race; the 25km route started with a 10km cycle around the stunning Muckross Lake. The view of the lake with the backdrop of the mountains was so breathtaking it distracted me from the efforts of cycling.  Killarney is the most popular tourist destination in Ireland and now I could see why.  I felt grateful to be experiencing such a beautiful view and breathing in the fresh mountain air while peddling my heart out. 

The up and down terrain made the cycle really enjoyable as one minute I was out of breath and challenging my fitness as I worked my way up a hill, and then the next minute I was flying down a hill, whizzing round bends that I did not know, hoping I would stick to the path and not end up in a tree, the adrenalin from this made me smile and made the uphill effort worth it.  The 10km flew by and before I knew it I was dropping my hire bike and checking in for the next section.

I was met by David where we had a flat 0.8km run to the double man kayaks.  Quickly putting on my life jacket, we than ran a hire kayak into the lake and working as a team we paddled as fast as we could while trying to avoid collisions with other competitors.  The kayak is a test of teamwork especially if you have never kayaked together before, David took the lead shouting instructions and with a bit of bickering we successfully navigated round the markers efficiently and quickly.

We then started the 8.5km run to the summit (535 metre climb) and back of Torc Mountain with heavy legs from the cycling and soaking wet trainers from the entry and exit from the kayak.  At this stage I was less aware of the tranquil and beautiful surroundings and more aware of the climb I had ahead.  The 535 metre climb was tougher and much longer than I expected as the terrain was steep, therefore making it impossible for David and I to run the whole section.  As we reached the summit (after 2 or 3 heart-sinking false summits) we were treated to magnificent views of mountain ranges with clear mountain lakes, making the hard-work worth it.

The run/ climb up the mountain was a test on your cardio fitness and strength and the run down was a real test of your agility, balance and concentration.  A loss of focus would result in a tumble as the terrain was rocky, slippery, steep and unforgiving; we did see a number of bleeding knees on the journey so it was vital to stay alert.

The last section was a 4km road cycle so this section flew by and I found renewed energy as I realised I was on the home straight.  Before I knew it I had hung my bike on the rack, and was running to the finish line to collect my well deserved medal, bowl of soup and massage.

Catherine and David took 2 hours and 34 minutes to complete the adventure race.  For more information see, www.killarneyadventurerace.ie/

What You Need (Compulsory Kit):

• A good bike; either a road bike or hybrid bike with a spare tube, pump and repair kit (you can hire bikes which we did as it is easier with travelling but then the hire bikes were not designed for speed)!
• Basic first aid kit, survival blanket and whistle (all provided at registration).
• Good performance clothing (Helly Hansen sponsored the event and thankfully I was kitted out in Helly Hansen from head to toe) as in the pictures.
• Rucksack containing water, map, snack supplies, gloves and hat.

I also wore my Undercover Glamour silicone nipple covers to prevent any nipple chafing and to guarantee comfort, my silicone nipple covers are the most comfortable thing for long distance running and I totally recommend them, and I would say they are especially important for competitors in the 57km and 67km races of the Killarney event!

Catherine Peck runner for Killarney Adventure Race in Body Fit Magazine

Recommended Stay:
The Lake Hotel, Killarney, 4 star with magnificent views of a lake.


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