Promzillas - How to get ready for your prom

15th Oct 2011

School Proms have become the teenage equivalent of a wedding where too big does not exist! Proms are a fashion fantasy with big dresses and glamorous accessories and they are a chance for girls to show off their red carpet look. However, not every girl looks forward to this day and for some girls they feel unable to go due to either lack of confidence, lack of money or just because they do not feel they will fit in.  For these girls, help is on the way and they will be transformed into a Prom Princess. The Pink Prom Bus is traveling the country to visit various schools to help provide advice and to makeover the girls most in need of help. The Prom Squad are fashion queen and presenter, Brix Smith-Start, hair stylist to the stars, Steven Glendinning and makeup artist, Gary Cockerill, as in the picture below, and they are with beautiful Neelam who looks absolutely stunning.  You can see Neelam's incredible transformation in Episode 1, it is so magical it will most definitely bring a smile to your face.

Brix Smith-Start, Steven Glendenning, Gary Cockerill on TV show Promzillas with prom girl

Undercover Glamour provides clip-in hair extensions, chicken fillets, stick on bras (backless and strapless bras), fashion tape and false eyelashes for the series to help give prom girls their desired look. The producers told us that the chicken fillets, and the stick on bras were used extensively as they made-over the girls.  We loved supplying our beauty and fashion accessories for the series as Undercover Glamour is all about giving women confidence and helping them feel like they are making the best of themselves, so we knew helping on Promzillas was going to be perfect.

Promzillas, Episode 1 - Copland Community School Prom in Wembley:

Watch Episode 1 here, and see the amazing transformations of Neelam and Halfi for their special prom night.   Halfi is shown in the picture below, having her hair and makeup done by Gary and Steven.

Hair styling and make over on Promzillas, getting ready for Prom  

On the series, it shows Sophie and Amal who are full of confidence about their prom and believe they will be Prom Queen, and also beautiful Neelam and Halfi (pic above) who are going to need help if they’re to become the belles of the ball.   Fashion Stylist to the stars, Miss Brix Smith-Start helps Neelam and Halfi with the all important Prom dresses and accessories whilst Hair Stylist, Steven Glendinning and Make-up Artist, Gary Cockerill give the girls a full hair and makeup transformation.  

Steven Glendinning decides to give Halfi (pic above) big Beyonce curls, which can be created by using Hair Tongs or Rollers as shown on the series.  Clip in human hair extensions can be used to make your hair longer, thicker and help with more volume.  We have lots of hair lengths to choose from, we have shorter lengths available in 12 inches and through to really long hair extensions in 24 inches in length.  You can see Halfi's incredible new prom look in the picture below.

Promzillas episode 1, prom transformation

MUA Gary Cockerill decides that Halfi can carry quite a bold, fierce look by choosing colours and glitter to complement her eyes. He uses false eyelashes that accentuate the eyes and give even more definition.  I am personally a massive fan of false eyelashes for special occasions as they really draw attention to your eyes and accentuating them.  We have a great range of lashes, from big dramatic lashes, to soft fluttery lashes and lots of natural lash options, see our range here,

Stylist, Brix Smith-Start has opted for a prom dress that best shows off Halfi’s gorgeous figure so she chooses a short, deep purple dress that is ruffled at the back, this looks absolutely gorgeous and works perfectly with our stick on bras.  Halfi rarely wears any make up and wasn’t even going to attend her Prom because of her shyness but now Halfi has the glam look showing off her fab figure, she has gained the confidence to really grab the attention that she deserves! 

Neelam had to win the trust from her strict parents to go to Prom and after convincing them she could go, she now looks pretty in pink with more sparkle than a Disney Princess!  Her pink beautiful dress is shown in the top picture, and she truly is a beautiful person inside and out, to Neelam's surprise she is crowned the Prom Queen.

We are so pleased to be part of the Promzillas TV show and provide the beautiful girls with accessories to help perfect their stunning prom looks.  Providing stick on bras, hair extensions, lashes and other accessories, we helped to give the girls a massive boost of confidence for the big day. 

Promzillas, Episode 2 - Astley Community High School Prom in Northumberland:

Episode 2 of Promzillas sees the amazing transformations of two very shy students and sees makeup artist, Gary Cockerill give them the make-over of their dreams, with big dresses, big hair and much more!

16 year old Danielle is the leader of the troop, eager to be crowned Prom Queen and oozes bags of confidence along with close friend but rival for Prom Queen, Bethany.  Both girls are hunting for the most beautiful Prom Dress and competition is up!  Visiting the students with the big pink bus, we have Celebrity Stylist Brix Smith-Start, Hair Stylist to the stars Steven Glendinning and Katie Price’s personal Make-up Artist Gary Cockerill on board.  Working their magic they transform student, 16 year old, Leanne.  Having never worn a dress and only worn make up once in her whole life she would love to wow her piers by looking like the girly girl she has always dreamed of being.  Also having a transformation is Helen.  After being under a lot of stress with her exams, Helen is not even thinking of her Prom, let alone her prom dress, hair and makeup.  

Gary would like to go all out with Leanne’s make up creating a stunning effect using black false eyelashes and peacock green eye shadow to really enhance and make her beautiful blue eyes stand out!  Steven would like to give Leanne a much fuller effect with her hair up so introduces some very gorgeous blonde clip in hair extensions by attaching them under the hair to give body and height after back combing.  Finally, last but not least the fabulous Brix Smith-Start gives Leanne a stunning misty blue princess prom dress to wear.  This prom dress works really well with Undercover Glamour’s stick on bras and they are perfect for strapless dresses.

Helen looks a million dollars wearing a beautiful red gown with dainty red hair accessories placed in her curls! She also wanted her cheek bones to stand out and be more noticeable so Gary creates a shadow following her natural bone contour giving the illusion her cheek bones were more prominent. She also wears false eyelashes to give definition and fullness to eyes.   Now both girls are confident to go to the ball, they can show everyone they can always look girly and pretty after previously hiding away from their shyness. Leanne is crowned the Prom Queen!  

Our stick on bras are great for strapless prom dresses, and we have a great range of suitable prom stick on bras in A to G cup, see for the range.

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