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21st Nov 2011

Proms are the teenage equivalent of a wedding day, it is huge!  It is important to feel and look your best for your prom night and make it a night to remember.  Undercover Glamour is thrilled to be sponsoring TV Programme ‘Promzillas’ as we are all about helping you feel great for your special occasions and feeling confident in your prom dress.

Presenter, Brix Smith-Smart is excited about helping the girls that have felt invisible all their life and make them feel incredible at their prom!  Promzillas TV series is all about helping girls find their perfect prom dress for their prom, the Prom Squad consists of Steven Glendinning, hair stylist to the stars, and celebrity makeup artist, Gary Cockerill (pic below).

Steven Glendinning, Gary Cockerill, Brit Smith-Start on Promzillas


Promzillas, Episode 3 - Hayward Community High School Prom in Rochdale:

The Prom Squad head to Hayward Community High to provide the dream makeovers for the girls.  We know how important it is to find the perfect prom dress.  Paula has been preparing for her prom for years and it’s all she can talk about having pre ordered her Prom Dress six months ago!   Paula is one of the most popular girls in her year and is known for her good looks. 

Paula wears a £400 red, strapless, princess dress for her prom.  If you choose a strapless dress and still wish to wear a bra for some support and shape, or even for some extra padding, our stick on bras are the perfect solution as the bras have no straps and therefore are invisible with a strapless or backless dress.  Promzilla rival and friend Misha, spent even more on her Prom Dress and accessories adding up to over £700! 

Spending this amount of money on a dress is a little excessive as there are plenty of stunning options for less, and this dress is usually only for one night.  It would be sensible to spend much less!  You should choose a dress that suits you, and one that fits with your style.  You should always choose the dress that you feel great in, never wear a dress where everyone else says you look great but you are unsure, as feeling confident and proud in your outfit is the most important thing.  Choose the dress you love. 

For a prom we would definitely recommend choosing a dress that is classy and elegant.  A prom is not the time to wear the shortness and most revealing dress, you can keep those for future clubbing nights.  You want to be proud of your prom pictures for years to come, so it is best to choose an elegant, or princess style outfit. 

Misha, already spending £700 on her outfit also wears clip in hair extensions to give her hair more volume and thickness and false eyelashes to achieve a glamourous look like her role model Katie Price.  She will match her big hair with her big tiara.  Both Paula and Mischa would love the title, Prom Queen.  Clip in hair extensions are great way to transform your hair for a special occasions as you simply clip them in.  Clip in hair extensions can help with creating special updos, or you can use them to wow with longer hair on your prom night, or just to add to have thicker hair and more volume. 

In this episode the Prom Squad helps ‘rock chick’ Jenny get out of her trainers and into high heels and helps Sophie, the ‘real-life’ Cinderella, by providing her with a dress, shoes and a full make-over. Sophie and Jenny get make-overs both for their confidence and for their looks.  Sophie's hair is also transformed with hair extensions giving her full, celebrity looking hair.  Watch the episode on to see how the looks are achieved.

You can see the difference our hair extensions make on our model, in the picture below.

hair extensions before and after


Promzillas, Episode 4 - Caistor Yarborough School Prom in Lincolnshire

When choosing an outfit for a prom it is worth asking your friends what they are planning to wear.  It is always a good idea to understand what the dress code is, it is a little embarrassing if you turn up completely over dressed and likewise, if you are underdressed to a party or an event.  Find out what level of dressing up your friends are planning for the prom, for example, turning up in a big princess dress and wearing a tiara (like in the picture below) might make you feel awkward if everyone else turns up in more casual elegant, slimline, or shorter dresses.

Steven Glendinning, Gary Cockerill, Brit Smith-Start on Promzillas with stunning prom dress

In episode 4 of Promzillas it shows prom girls arriving in helicopter, and making big statements. The prom squad continue to enjoy transforming the girls.  They transform Kate with a new red carpet look.  Kate looks a million dollars showing off a gorgeous strapless blue gown. This style of strapless dress can be worn with a stick on bra to give support and confidence.  The show moves onto Jemma and with her classic glam prom look underway and it's over to makeup artist, Gary Cockerill who creates a very soft brown smokey eye adding some false eyelashes to define Jemma’s eyes even more. 

You can view Episode 1 of Promzillas in the video below to see the dresses the girls chose for their prom. 


Promzillas, Episode 5 - Porthcawl Comprehensive Prom, South Wales:

The Prom Squad now move to Porthcawl Comprehensive Prom in South Wales to provide the prom makeovers for the girls.  The Prom Squad are helping Olivia, who is known as the sporty tom boy at Porthcawl.  Oliva is transformed by the Prom Squad on the show into a glamorous girl ready for the prom.  Beth was also transformed by the Prom Squad, Beth had never worn a dress and her low confidence meant that she had never taken much effort with her looks to make her stand out.  Beth's family were stunned and speechless with Beth's amazing transformation.  Beth's makeup is done by Gary Cockerill and he uses black false eyelashes to bring attention to her eyes and Steven Glendinning transforms her hair by using rollers to give volume and a bouncy wavy look, and clip in hair extensions to add thickness to her hair.  With the help from the Prom Squad, Beth and Olivia end up strutting their stuff on the dance floor with their new looks and newly found confidence.  Prom Queen 2010 goes to Olivia.  Olivia once queen of the tracksuit is now Queen of the Prom!  So the Prom Squad wins this one, see Episode 5 on to see the winning make-overs.

girls ready for their prom, beautiful prom dresses


Promzillas, Episode 6 - Moulsham High School Prom in Chelmsford:

In episode 6 of Promzillas the experts have a challenge on their hands transforming two students for their ultimate Prom.  Attention seeking Sarah is itching to be crowned Prom Queen as her appearance is very important to her.  Jess is also hoping to be the Prom Queen with her very girly pink dress and accessories.  But for those who do not have Sarah’s popularity or Jess’s girly confidence, help is on its way!  

First in line for the makeover is 16 year old shy Hannah, suffering from low self-esteem she dreams of finding the perfect dress to fit her body and the confidence to embrace her looks.  Second student to get the makeover is 16 year old Kim who permanently wears boyish black clothes and never anything girly, her parents would really love to see their little girl dress more feminine for the prom.  

The team get started on Hannah’s makeover, not only has she said goodbye to her glasses and started wearing contact lenses but has also dyed her hair from red to brown. Hair stylist, Steven starts by applying a moose to give volume to the roots of the hair and big rollers to set the curls.  Gary then shapes Hannah’s brows to help frame her face and adds some false eyelashes to enhance her features even more and bring out her beautiful piercing green eyes! 

Steven Glendinning, Gary Cockerill, Brit Smith-Start on Promzillas, prom dresses

We have loved being involved with the Promzillas series, we have loved seeing the magical prom transformations and how great it made the girls feel.   This is what Undercover Glamour is all about, making you feel great and confident in your dress.  

For the strapless dresses we provided our stick on bras, we have a great range of stick on bras in A to G cup which are perfect for prom dresses, you can view the range here,

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