The Biggest Bra!

5th May 2010

The Daily Mail on Tuesday 4th May reported that the massive “KK bra is to be introduced on to the High Street to cope with women’s increasing bust sizes.”  The Mail reported that Dr Joanna Scurr, a lecturer in biomechanics at Portsmouth University, said: “We found an increase in the size of the average bosom, not just in women who are fat.  We don’t yet know the reason.”   

Undercover Glamour’s adhesive bras range from A cups to D cups.  Undercover Glamour has found the D cup in the backless and strapless bras (adhesive bras) to be the most popular size which makes sense as "the most popular bra size in the UK is now a 36D, up from a 34B ten years ago."  Demand is so high for this cup size that the company has had issues keeping stock of D cups.   There are no straps with the adhesive bras as they just offer two cups which stick to your breasts to help keep a nice rounded shape to your bust and to prevent any nipple poke through.  Bigger cup sizes would require more support to help keep the boobs pert.     

A KK cup would definitely need bra straps otherwise the breasts would nearly fall to your knees!  Donna Jones, from Milton Keynes has Britain’s biggest breasts (see picture) and has to get bras specially made or wear bras too small as she is sized at a whooping 40M.  And I thought KK was massive!    It would be great to hear why you think our busts are increasing other than women just getting fatter.  

We know there have been a surge in breast reductions and laser liposuction surgery due to people's increasing waistlines and breasts.  A quick way to solve the problem or an expensive way?  


References:  Daily Mail, Tuesday 4th May.  The KK cup that is the biggest bra.  By Emily Andrews.


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