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25th Jun 2016

However, as a strong believer in Helly Hansen’s moto; “it is not bad weather but bad clothing,” I was not going to let a little English rain stop me from taking part, and at least the ducks were loving it.

Park Road Lido, North London.

AQUA PHYSICAL – Floatfit (HIIT) Class
Excited to try the new workout craze, Aqua Physical (the all over body workout on a paddle board) I embraced the rain.  I have to say I did feel a little smug that I had perfect clothing for the torrential rain conditions, once again Helly Hansen kept me perfectly warm.
Aqua Physical Class with Helly Hansen

The workout lived up to everything I hoped for.  It brought our group together as we all laughed our way through the class as we were on a joint mission to stay on our paddle boards.  Not that it matters if you fall in as you are only falling into a warm swimming pool but for some strange reason you desperately try to stay balanced as it becomes competitive between us all. 

Catherine Peck doing Aqua Physical

You don’t really notice that you are working out and getting fit as it is so much fun.  I have since been promoting Aqua Physical to my friends as a super fun way to work-out, click here to find out where it is run and take part now.

The floatfit® class is a 30 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout on water.  It is a low impact, cross training class which gives you a fun full body workout.  It involves burpees, lunges, squats, mountain climbers, the plank…. all on water!
Aqua Physical Fitness Class

A survey among the British public found that on average people exercise for just two hours a week with 26% saying they took no exercise at all.  I find the results hard to believe seeming I am surrounded by high achievers and go getters that seem to work all hours and still make time for fitness & activities, but the results state that “the average person spends more time on the sofa than at work; 35 hrs are spent on the sofa a week compared to an average of 33 hrs working.”
If the stats are true, it is shocking for me to hear as people are really missing out on the great benefits that exercise brings.  The survey by Fusion Lifestyle – the registered charity dedicated to providing accessible and affordable fitness and leisure facilities to all – published these  findings as part of the ‘Great Outdoors’ campaign in a push to get the nation outside and active. 

Charlie Webster, TV host, campaigner and sports enthusiast commented on the results:
“Sitting on a sofa for half of our lives certainly means we aren’t fulfilling our potential and experiencing life.  Exercise has so many physical and mental benefits, exercising outdoors has even more.  It can make a huge difference to our mental health, increase our energy, make us feel revitalised, release stress, help with depression and anxiety, and boost self-esteem.  In my opinion exercising outside is the best and most underrated therapy on the market.  I also think exercise can be a real social event, and not just with your current friends – joining a club or group can be a great way to meet new people.  I started doing triathlon 3 years back and made some new incredible friends for life.”
I completely agree with her, from doing all my stunt training and experiencing new sports, it has introduced new, interesting people into my life, which I too have met some incredibility new, inspirational new friends.

Aqua Physical Fitness Class Catherine Peck
Charlie Webster impressing us with her balance skills.

To find out what’s happening at your local Fusion centre visit, www.gofusion.club and download a FREE PASS to enjoy some new fitness activities.  Go on, push yourself!

I love to encourage people to get fit, healthy and outdoors, so it is no surprise that I am supporting charity, www.fusion-lifestyle.com to promote their Great Outdoors Week. 
Fusion is encouraging people to share their pictures using #GoFusionUK to inspire others to get fit and have fun this summer; I have shared mine on @undercoverglam, please share yours too.

Go Fusion UK fitness

Location; Park Road Pools and Fitness, Park Road, London, N8 8JN.

Left to Right; The Coach, Charlie Webster, Sabi Phagura of Fitlass, Catherine Peck and Amelia.


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