Trinny Woodall from 'What Not to Wear' promotes chicken fillets and breast enhancers

7th Jul 2009

Trinny and Suzannah are legends as they have helped us girls understand what we should wear to compliment our body shape. Trinny is not afraid to admit that she has the figure that can often be helped with a pair of chicken fillets. She quotes on the Trinny and Suzannah website; “I’m a flat-chested girl and there have been occasions when a chicken fillet filling was needed to give me some bulk on top.” It is great to see such a high profile celeb that is happy with her chest and takes advantage of chicken fillets and has not opted for breast enlargement surgery even though she can more than afford it. 

Trinny and Suzannah Not What to Wear promote chicken fillets

Our company director, Catherine is also a massive fan of chicken fillets and bikini enhancers, she always has some in her model kit bag and has worn them for many lingerie and swimwear shoots.  Catherine says "the breast enhancers are great for when you need to fill out a bra or a bikini and you can then walk onto set with confidence."  From using chicken fillets and bikini enhancers herself, Catherine wanted to bring a great range of breast enhancers options to you.   We have also developed a great range of breast forms and breast prostheses for women that have had mastectomies. 

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