What Am I Supposed To Do If I Can't Buy Sanitary Products?

20th Mar 2020

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I popped into Tesco's this afternoon to pick up a newspaper for my Grandma (since she is reducing her contact with the outside world... and rightly so).

I completely understand why people are panic buying supplies, but it seems to be getting a little out of hand.  I look round every aisle to find the most random things I can use in place of the usual items, such as; kitchen roll instead of loo roll, quinoa instead of rice, kidney beans and passata instead of baked beans.  There are no eggs, no bread, barely any dog food, I haven't seen a single loo roll or bottle of hand wash in the last 3 weeks but I can work around this.  The one thing I had not considered through all of this was the monthly pain in the vagina... also known as a period!

I had a look and the shelves were so very bare.  I already have some at home leftover from my last period, but there won't be enough for my next cycle.  I really had a panic, but short of wearing baby nappies (which I am pretty sure have sold out too) I have nothing to substitute.  Boy was I glad that Catherine had ordered a supply of Menstrual Cups that one time!!!  They're still in the office and I am having one.

Menstrual cups eco friendly period products

I have added the Menstrual Cups onto the website this morning so if anyone else is struggling to find sanitary towels and tampons they are now available for you to buy.  They are reusable which is a huge bonus.  If you are quarantined or self-isolating, then they don't run out...not to mention they are waaaaay better for the environment.  I will be sure to let you know what they are like when I have tried mine!  In the meantime, you can see what our photographer has said about hers on our testimonial page.

Stay Safe, Beth x

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