Which Breast Forms, Prostheses are most popular?

30th Nov 2020

Thank you so much to all of you that have completed our Breast Cancer Awareness Survey, this has really helped us with understanding your breast form choices and hopefully also has helped create more awareness and the importance of regular checks to help keep yourself safe.  If you haven't seen the survey and wish to help us and to see how good your Breast Cancer Awareness is, you can complete the survey at Breast Cancer Awareness Survey.  If you wish to receive the 15% discount code from completing the survey please make sure you leave your email address on the survey (last question box).

Currently, 73 people have kindly completed our survey and from that, 26% of you did not realise we sold breast forms.

We asked you which breast forms you would choose if you needed them.  Every breast form we shared in our recent survey was selected by at least a few people, so this showed that everyone's personal preference varied so it is important for us to have a varied range.

The most popular choices were our Silicone Nude Teardrop Breast (shown in the picture below), followed by our Lightweight Silicone Teardrop Breast and then the Lightweight Silicone Triangle shaped Breast following closely after.  These results surprised me as we sell more of the triangle shaped breast forms over the teardrop shape.  However, we do sell more breast forms to men and they usually always opt for the triangle shaped breast forms, so this explains why we provide more triangle breasts forms in terms of actual sales.

teardrop breast form      teardrop breast form on side

I thought our new Grass seed Breast Forms would be the most popular choice from our survey results as they look so soft and comfortable (see the picture below).  However, only 5 people selected them as their preferred choice.  The Grass seed Breast Forms are like a small bean bag but in a breast shape, and are very comfortable to wear.

Grass seed breast form

In the UK our NHS provide a great service and if you have to undergo a mastectomy you are provided with a free prosthesis and have a personal fitting and follow up care and support.  Our dream would be to provide the NHS with our products.  Another free option for breast forms is through the Knitted Knocker charity and you can get a free knitted breast prosthesis to fit in your mastectomy bra.  You can, of course also make your own breast prosthesis.  Our breast form range is here to help those that need to replace their NHS breast forms, or for those that do not want to go into hospital and have the fitting, you can just choose the breast form for you while at home through our website.   We also provide breast forms for private hospital patients, and for those who want more choice.

It was interesting as when we then asked the same question "which breast forms would you choose" but now showing the prices the more expensive breast forms now became the most popular (as shown in the picture below).  This is interesting as more people preferred the look of the Silicone Teardrop Breast Forms when selecting from just a picture.  When the prices where shown a few people changed their first choice to the most expensive options.  I guess this is because some of us think that the more expensive something is the better it is.  Our Teardrop Lightweight Breast Forms cost us more to make due to the materials being used, therefore they are more expensive.  The Lightweight Breast Forms are 30% lighter than our standard Silicone Breast Forms so this makes a big difference to the weight you carry, especially with the larger sizes. 

lightweight realistic breast form      lightweight teardrop breast form on its side

We started selling breast forms due to customers' requests.  Our customers were buying our largest full breast enhancers as a breast prosthesis to use within in their mastectomy bra but after speaking with lots of you, we realised that there was a real demand for comfortable and life-like breast prostheses.  Our largest full breast enhancers were aimed at women who wanted to fill out their top/ dress and bust and not as a post mastectomy breast.  After lots of requests and listening to our customers we have worked hard to expand our range and offer the breast forms in the bigger sizes.  You can view our full range of breast forms and breast enhancers at www.undercover-glamour.com/breast-enhancers

From our survey you commented that we need to show the breast forms being worn to show the shape.  We have added this to our list and we hope to show this soon.  Our goal is to continue to provide as much choice and information on the breast forms as possible.  Thank you so much to all of you that provided feedback, it has helped us, to help others.  You can see the statistics on Breast Cancer Awareness from the rest of our Breast Cancer Awareness Survey at news/breast-cancer-awareness-month-survey-results-2020

breast form banner

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